Socialpreneur Leadership Course Intro in Tucson & Across America


The Socialpreneur Leadership Course Intro Event will take place on Jan 13, 2010 in Tucson, and nationally via teleseminar on Jan 14, 2010.

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At this event you will learn:

- How Social Entrepreneurship is reshaping business

- Why“social problems” represent the greatest source of economic opportunities for our time

- How to use your existing business to take advantage of these problems to make a difference as well as a profit

- What it means to be a sustainable non-profit

- How you can partner with a team of people to help your organization create lasting results in the world

Jan 13, 2010 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm (Wednesday)

Ward 2 Office (map)
7575 East Speedway Blvd (Speedway/Pantano)
Tucson, AZ

Live Teleseminar Event
Jan 14, 2010
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Business Plan Competitions for Social Entrepreneurs


Web site


Entry Criteria, Prizes, Notes

Investor's Circle Call for Applicants

January 13, 2010

Companies at early or expansion stage whose businesses address significant social or environmental issues.

Global Social Venture Competition January 20 (USA Entries) One team member must be a current or recent (2 years) graduate business student. $25,000 grand prize.

Brigham Young University Social Venture Competition

January 22, 2010

Applicants must be currently enrolled at Brigham Young (Provo, Hawaii, or Idaho). $50,000 in cash and prizes.

Business Environmental Awards

January 22, 2010

For existing companies in the San Francisco Bay area. Some Non-profit organizations are eligible.

Tufts Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition

January 25, 2010

One member of each team must be a Tufts student. $100,000 in cash and in-kind prizes.

Florida International University (FIU) Entrepreneur Challenge

January 30, 2010

Open to all FIU students. $5,000 grant.

Harvard Social Enterprise Club Pitch for Change Competition

January 30, 2010

At least one team member must be a current graduate student. Cash prizes totaling $7,000.

Tulane University Business Plan Competition

February 1, 2010

Open to students. All business ventures must be seeking outside equity capital. Cash prizes totaling $40,000.

Seattle Pacific University Social Venture Plan Competition

February 9, 2010

At least one teams member must be a SPU student. $7,500 in prizes.

Yale Entrepreneurial Society (YES)

February 9, 2010

At least one team member must be a Yale student, staff, or faculty member. $55,000 in prizes.

Duke Start-Up Challenge - Entrepreneur Competition February 10, 2010

At least one team member must be a full-time student at Duke. Prizes totaling $52,000.

Stanford Social E-Challenge

February 17, 2010

At least one team member must be a Stanford student or recent alumni. $50,000 in prizes.

Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship (SASE)

February 17, 2010

Organization led by social entrepreneur with at least a 3 year track record. Mezzanine funding available.

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Young Social Entrepreneurs Around the Globe

This an excellent video about young social entrepreneurs from around the globe. It would be awesome for someone to take on the task of teaching America’s youth to build socially sustainable enterprises. Any takers? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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Encore Careers turn Seniors into Social Innovators

In today’s economy, employers have an advantage. They can hire the best people many times for the least money. However, in the insurance sales industry, an industry known for its long hours and commissions only model, choosing the right candidate is still a difficult proposition.

I was talking to my friend Samuel this weekend. Samuel is a head hunter for a major insurance company and he was discussing the difficulty of finding quality employees.

I asked him if he had ever considered hiring retirees. As expected like most people in his position, the thought never crossed his mind. Why? Samuel’s firm seeks out sharp young people with loads of energy who are expected to give it the good ol’ college try until they burn out 2 years later and quit. Aside from the obvious problem here, many of today’s picture perfect candidates have credit problems because of the sluggish economy. Poor credit means disqualification when it comes to various financial services licenses.

Additionally, limited cash flow, lack of contacts and entrepreneurial skills make the it even tougher for young people to pursue a career where in the first 2 years they can expect to earn a little more than beer money.

I proceeded to make my case that seniors, people over 55 were, were a better target market for the focus of his recruiting efforts.

Here are some reasons why seniors are awesome recruits for the insurance industry

- People over 55 have years of contacts that trust them and would easily do business with them.
- They are loyal workers
- They are perceived to be wiser because of their age
- They often have a passive retirement income so going without a pay check for 2 years is not an issue
- They have years of work experience and are highly productive
- They like the flexibility of working for themselves but not by themselves.

I could go on but I think you get the idea. Bottom-line, seniors know how to get a job done.

In fact, many seniors are making big strides as social innovators. Each year Encore Careers, a campaign run by Civic Ventures, a national think tank on boomers, work and social purpose awards The Purpose Prize, a $100,000 award for social innovators in their encore careers.

Encore Careerist are ordinary people using a new stage of life to do extraordinary things. Some of the winners were:

* A former telecom executive who helped wire an Appalachian county and brought laid-off factory workers back to profitable farming;

* A professor who invented a way to transform toxic fly ash into green bricks;

* A psychiatrist who helps saves soldiers’ lives by offering free mental health treatment;

* A former NASA exec who works to treat alcoholism in Native American communities by reviving old customs and traditions; and

* A couple who honor their son, killed on 9/11, by helping to bring mental health services to countries ravaged by terrorism, violence and war.

These people – and five other $50,000 winners – are social entrepreneurs over 60 who are using their experience and passion to take on society’s biggest challenges. Now in its fourth year, the six-year, $17 million program is the nation’s only large-scale investment in social innovators in the second half of life. To learn more visit

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Gordon Gekko’s speech, “Greed is Good” is Garbage

Time has proven that Gordon Gekko’s speech “greed is good” in the 1987 movie Wall Street, is nothing more that a great movie scene.

The reality of the matter is that greed is the cause of every social problem known to man.

Greed causes companies to forsake their values and the true needs of employees and consumers for a buck. Greed causes Nationalistic corporations like countries to go to war.

Corporate corruption and government fraud waste and abuse is caused by greed. With so many negative images plaguing the business world, entrepreneurs today must rise above the lowly consciousness of greed and consider the highest need of employees and consumers…self-actualization.

Dr. Abraham Maslow first coined this term. And I think he explains it best in this quote:

“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be. This is the need we may call self-actualization … It refers to man’s desire for fulfillment, namely to the tendency for him to become actually in what he is potentially: to become everything that one is capable of becoming …”

I would suggest that companies that support their customers and employees in becoming one with their true talents and desires will be the companies that lead in the future.

Time has shown that it is not prudent to put the needs of the corporation over the needs of the people. After all, aren’t the company and the people the same? To not respect this fact is to divide ones house against itself in support of destruction.

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The Power of Persistence


If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past seven years that I’ve been in the personal development industry it’s that there is one characteristic that, above all, creates success among the most extraordinary people. That one characteristic is persistence.

If we look throughout the world in every industry, in every culture, there’s one consistent trend among every single successful individual, and that trend is the ability to persevere beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s the ability to stand up beyond everyone else and take a step forward when everyone else sits down.

Before we get started I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge you, because it’s not just anyone who would read an article called The Power of Persistence. It isn’t every day that people decide to do what they need to in order to be successful.

Only the most extraordinary individuals, the top minute fragment of a percent, who actually step up and take action towards creating success in their lives. Simply by picking up this book, you’ve chosen to step up and I acknowledge you for taking on that feat.

The Power of Persistence is available at with over $3,000 bonuses when you purchase.

If we look throughout history at some of the greatest leaders– Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Colonel Sanders, Mark Victor Hansen, Steve Jobs — the most extraordinarily successful people are those who have persisted beyond the norm.

Everywhere we look we see signs of persistence in those that are creating the most challenging and rewarding results. It is not always natural; it’s a learned trait. What this means though, is that success is simply a choice.

There was once a politician who failed at business at the age of 21. He was defeated in a legislative race at age 22, he failed again at business at age 24, overcame the death of his lover at age 26, had a nervous breakdown at age 27, lost a congressional race at 34 and 36, lost a senatorial race at 45, failed to become vice president at 47, lost a senatorial race at 49 and then finally was elected to President of the United States of America at age 52.

Now imagine, if he had considered any of these past experiences as failures and had allowed that to stop him from moving forward, he would never have become one of the most extraordinary Presidents of the United States, Mr. Abraham Lincoln.

There’s a famous story about Thomas Edison: he tried 9,999 times to perfect the light bulb and he couldn’t do it. Someone said, “Are you going to have 10,000 failures?” And he responded, “I didn’t fail, I just discovered another way not to invent the electric light bulb.”

He got to choose how he perceived his previous experiences and whether or not he perceived them as failures.

Mark Victor Hansen, a close friend of mine and an extraordinary mentor and businessman. He is the coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series that has now sold over 144 million copies in over 20 languages worldwide.

But did you know that over 110 publishers, in their pursuit to be published, turned down Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield? They went to New York, and it wasn’t until a publisher’s wife got a hold of the manuscript and all night long she was waking her husband saying “Look at this, look at this” Finally the publisher agreed to publish it.

Now here’s a story about another individual. His name was Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He was a military retiree and had nothing to his name, except his mother’s chicken recipe. So what did he do? He took his old sports wagon out and began driving to restaurant after restaurant after restaurant.

His intention was to sell the chicken recipe, but he was turned down time and time again he was turned down; 1,007 times before he received his first yes and that one yes is what made possible Kentucky Fried Chicken possible.

The last individual I want to tell you about is Steve Jobs, the President and founder of Apple Computer. Members of his own board of directors kicked him out of his own company. He could have allowed this to stop him, but instead he stood up. It was only because he persisted that he was voted back in as Chairman of Apple. He created the iPod, the iPhone and a new line of Mac Computers. Had he not, we probably would not have ever experienced an iPod or an iPhone.

As you can see the stories go on and on of the most extraordinary individuals creating powerful results, as a direct reflection of their persistence. Because time and time again, individuals are stopped along their journey. Just because they’re stopped, it doesn’t mean that they are failures or that their project will never work. It simply means that they’re one step closer to achieving the result that they desire.

Justin Sachs is the best-selling author of The Power of Persistence, and leading success coach for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and business owners. His latest book can be found at with over $3,000 in bonuses from leading experts like Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Loral Langmeierfor anyone who purchases a copy.

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College Student Makes a Difference from the Afterlife

rochie-logoA couple of weeks ago I attended the Millionaire Enterepreneur Summit in Phoenix, Arizona and meet an awesome young lady named Sulema. Sulema works for a California based social enterprise that was started by a college student who is no longer with us.

I was so inspired by Sulema and here company that I requested that she allow me to write about her organization on my blog. No only did Sulema say yes but she went the extra mile to ensure an article was prepared for me. Here is what was written.

Rochie’s Originals mission is to fulfill what our co-founder, Rochanak (Rochie) Saberzadeh, started in 1989, which is to provide our clients with superior quality merchandise at affordable prices. Toward that goal, we are continuously creating the most gorgeous and fashionable collegiate fashion wear. We are happy to say after 20 years of service, we have thousands of satisfied clients throughout the United States.

Rochie founded Greek Row at age 20, when she was a full time college student in her sophomore year. She wanted to help the Greek system at her school, California State University, Northridge, expand by being more visible, providing greater access to their products. Rochie herself was a member of Sigma Kappa sorority. She held officer positions in her organization as well as the Panhellenic council.

Rochie was a gifted student, a talented artist, a true humanitarian, and most of all a fun-loving, generous, compassionate friend to all those whose lives she touched. She was needlessly killed while participating in a SCUBA diving class in July 1991 at age 22. Her death stunned all those who knew her. It was impossible to believe that such a bright, shinning star had extinguished so abruptly.

Words cannot describe the deep pain and sorrow that everyone felt when they heard of Rochie’s untimely death. Her loss ripped an empty hole in the hearts of her family and friends forever.

Rochie’s store remains in her memory and was renamed in her honor. A perpetual trust account was set up at Cal State, Northridge, in Rochie’s name, which is funded by a portion of her store’s proceeds to help provide financial assistance to a needy disable student every year. Rochie’s tradition of integrity, honesty and quality is still practiced in everything we do at her store and reflects the true spirit and goals of students everywhere.

Rochie’s Originals is currently working on expanding the business into the college bookstore market with the goal of adding value to thousands and millions of students as well as starting more perpetual trust funds at colleges and universities to help more students in need during their college years.

Our products help students create their identity and match their inside self, reflecting who they are. Our branded apparel brings such a good and positive feeling to the client wearing our gear that it gives them pride, confidence, which moves them to do bigger and greater things in life. We strive everyday to make a difference and leave a legacy in this world for the good of all.

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Socialpreneur Leadership Course Class 001 Graduates


You’re invited to the Socialpreneur Leadership Course Graduation/Guest event December 1, 2009.

Come celebrate with Tucson’s newest Socialpreneurs!

- See how 6 local business owners and non-profit leaders are reshaping their enterprises to be more collaborative and sustainable.

- Find out why“social problems” represent the greatest source of economic opportunities for our time and how you can profit from them.


Dec 1, 2009 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (Tuesday)

49er Club Association Club House
12058 Claim Jumper Square

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Apartment Dwellers Paid to Stay


The Annondale apartment complex located on 5th Street in Tucson, Arizona has an interesting way of keeping its tenants and ensuring they pay the rent.

They hire them to perform odd jobs around the complex.

According to the apartment manager who didn’t want his name mentioned in this article, “many of the residence are without work, have had their hours cut and are facing tough times. While this is sad, it creates an excellent opportunity to hire affordable labor.”

The monthly rent to live in the Annondale complex is about $15 less than other nearby apartments and are well taken care due to the live in workforce.

Residences at Annondale vacuum, wash window, mow the lawn, clean the laundry room and complete a number of other facility maintenance task.

According to the manager, having the residence work on the property is a win-win proposition. “The tenants win because the work allows maintain their dignity and pay the rent. Annondale wins because their facility’s are well maintained and tenants are more likely to stay longer.”

When I told the manager of Annondale that he was a social entrepreneur, his response was classic. “I never considered myself a social entrepreneur, I just thought I was doing the right thing.”

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The Socialpreneur Leadership Course is Underway launched the first Socialpreneur Leadership Course (SLC) introduction yesterday. This event was a huge success. It was attended by business owners and non-profit leaders throughout the City of Tucson. For the next 6 weeks 9 aspiring socialpreneurs will work together to expand their perspective of business. They will look for ways to generate profits by eliminating community problems in the areas of; human rights, education, poverty, environmental degradation, violence, and disease.

Tucson’s first class of Socialpreneurs consists of individuals from the following organizations.

Barrio Institute
Lady Joan’s Boutique
Money Awareness Program
Pat’s Vending Machines
San Miguel High School
Solar Gain
Twisted Pair Technologies
Win 3 Realty

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